Mar 01, 2005

Trenching And Drilling Completed On Congress Property

Levon Resources Ltd. (the "Company") is pleased to announce that an initial two phase program of mineral exploration planned on the Company's Congress Property, ("the property"), has been completed. The property covers the Congress Mine, Howard Zone and Lou Zone and is located on the north side of Carpenter Lake.

Phase one consisted of approximately 120 metres of trenching in six trenches. Trenches 1 to 3 were to sample new showings but did not expose any mineralization of economic interest. Trenches 4 and 5 exposed a massive stibnite vein grading up to 5.9 g/t of gold over 1.6 metres. This Vein is the northern extension of the Congress Vein which is exposed 250 metres to the south. Trench #6 extended the 1988 trench #18 to the west and exposed the Lou Zone 175 metres further to the north.

Phase Two consisted of 820.5 metres of NQ diamond drilling to test the down plunge extension of gold mineralization outlined in the Upper Howard drift. These holes were drilled to test an area approximately 100 metres north of the face of the Lower Howard drift. The mineralization can be seen to extend to this depth with wide zones, greater than 10 metres true width, intersected. The best grades were 12.14 gram/tonne gold over 0.54 metres or 0.39 ounces/ton over 1.8 feet. A table of significant results appears below:

Drill Hole    Intersection    Estimated     Grade Gold      Zone
                (metres)     True width        g/t

C-04-01 (-60)  135.2-137.2     1.85m          3.4        West Howard
                153.2-154.2     0.93m          2.2        Howard  
                154.2-155.2     0.93m          3.7        Howard  
                224.0-225.5     1.39m          1.9        East Howard  
                255.4-256.0     0.56m          2.5        Far East Howard
C-04-02 (-60)  141.8-142.4     0.56m          1.2        West Howard  
                154.0-155.5     1.39m          1.2        Howard  
                155.5-157.0     1.39m          2.4        Howard  
                158.5-159.5     0.93m          2.4        Howard  
                160.7-162.1     1.30m          1.5        Howard  
                162.1-164.3     2.04m          1.5        Howard  
C-04-03 (-80)  150.3-151.5     0.80m          1.13       West Howard  
                154.7-155.5     0.54m          1.33       West Howard  
                166.7-167.3     0.40m          1.13       West Howard  
                177.2-178.0     0.54m         12.14       Howard  
C-05-04 (-80)  152.1-153.0     0.60m          7.93       West Howard  
                160.2-161.6     0.97m          1.37       West Howard

The Lower Howard adit will be advanced to develop this mineralization. This work should greatly expand the resources in the Howard Zone. Global resources in the Howard Zone were last calculated to be 496,989 tonnes grading 9.05 grams gold per tonne (Christoffersen, 1988). This resource was calculated prior to the adoption of NI 43-101 and does not comply with NI 43-101 standards but is deemed reliable. For more detailed information on the 2004/2005 program, please see "Report on Trenching, Drilling and Metallurgical Testing on the Congress Property, Dunn, 2005" on the company's website .

Underground development in the Lower Howard adit is being planned for this summer. In conjunction with this work, diamond drilling will be carried out to better define the resources in the Lou Zone.

This News Release has been reviewed and technical content approved by David St. Clair Dunn, P.Geo., a Qualified Person for the purposes of N.I. 43-101. Mr. Dunn supervised the work programs described here.


"Louis Wolfin"
Louis Wolfin, President