Jun 19, 2012


Levon Resources Ltd. ("Levon") is pleased to provide an update on advancing the Cordero NI 43-101 resource (news release of June, 21, 2011) with additional infill and step out delineation drilling to improve modeling confidence and expand the resource. The Cordero project is located 35 km northeast of Hidalgo Del Parral, southern Chihuahua state, Mexico. Independent Mining Consultants (IMC) of Tucson reports an additional 33,380m of core drilling (41 holes) were modeled along with holes of the first resource that shows an increase in the Indicated Resource of 53 million (M) ounces of silver (Ag), 37 thousand (K) ounces of gold (Au), 0.8 billion (B) pounds (lbs) of zinc (Zn) and 0.4 billion (B) lbs of lead (Pb) with improved grades in Ag, Zn and Pb. Table 1 summarizes the current mineral resource compared to the June 2011 mineral resource at a $6.00/t NSR cutoff grade. Table 2 shows the current mineral resource at higher NSR cutoff grades. The NSR inputs and calculation method used for the current Mineral Resource is the same as used for the 2011 Mineral Resource estimate.

Table 1: Cordero Mineral Resource -- Comparison between the June 2011 Mineral Resource and the Current Mineral Resource Using a $6.00/t NSR Cutoff

Combined Areas (above cutoff) Contained Metal
Resource Date Resource Class Million Tonnes Ag g/t Au g/t Pb % Zn % Silver oz’s millions Gold oz’s millions Lead lbs Billions Zinc lbs Billions
June 2011 Indicated 521.56 18.54 0.054 0.25 0.46 310.9 0.908 2.9 5.3
Inferred 200.85 21.66 0.035 0.27 0.49 139.9 0.229 1.2 2.2

June 2012 Indicated 547.70 20.67 0.054 0.27 0.51 363.9 0.945 3.3 6.1
Inferred 134.33 21.12 0.035 0.23 0.41 91.2 0.152 0.7 1.2

Pozo de Plata Area (above cutoff) Porphyry Zone (above cutoff)

Resource Date Resource Class Million Tonnes Ag, g/t Au g/t Pb % Zn % Million Tonnes Ag g/t Au g/t Pb % Zn %
June 2011 Indicated 293.23 20.04 0.073 0.26 0.44 228.33 16.61 0.030 0.24 0.49
Inferred 32.44 19.54 0.048 0.27 0.56 168.41 22.07 0.033 0.27 0.47
June 2012 Indicated 276.30 21.94 0.074 0.29 0.49 271.40 19.37 0.033 0.26 0.53
Inferred 15.87 17.36 0.051 0.19 0.38 118.46 21.62 0.033 0.24 0.41

Metal Price Mill Recovery
Pb Conc Zn Conc
Silver 25.00 / oz 60% 15%
Lead 1.00 / lb 70%
Zinc 1.00 / lb
Gold 1200 / oz No recovery included to date

Table 2: Cordero June 2012 Mineral Resource Tabulated at Higher NSR Cutoff Grades

Combined Areas (above cutoff) Contained Metal
NSR Cutoff $/t Resource Class Million Tonnes Ag g/t Au g/t Pb % Zn % Silver oz’s (millions) Gold oz’s (millions) Lead lbs (billions) Zinc lbs (billions)
$6.00 Indicated 547.70 20.67 0.054 0.27 0.51 363.9 0.945 3.3 6.1
Inferred 134.33 21.12 0.035 0.23 0.41 91.2 0.152 0.7 1.2

$10.00 Indicated 337.37 27.39 0.066 0.37 0.66 297.1 0.714 2.7 4.9
Inferred 75.76 29.71 0.042 0.31 0.52 72.4 0.101 0.5 0.9

$15.00 Indicated 198.74 35.79 0.080 0.48 0.82 228.7 0.512 2.1 3.6
Inferred 42.16 40.83 0.047 0.39 0.64 55.3 0.064 0.4 0.6

$20.00 Indicated 123.05 44.46 0.095 0.59 0.98 175.9 0.375 1.6 2.7
Inferred 27.53 50.55 0.049 0.45 0.71 44.7 0.043 0.3 0.4

Pozo de Plata Area (above cutoff) Porphyry Zone (above cutoff)
NSR Cutoff $/t Resource Class Million Tonnes Ag, g/t Au g/t Pb % Zn % Million Tonnes Ag g/t Au g/t Pb % Zn %
$6.00 Indicated 276.3 21.94 0.074 0.29 0.49 271.4 19.37 0.033 0.26 0.53
Inferred 15.87 17.36 0.051 0.19 0.38 118.46 21.62 0.033 0.24 0.41

$10.00 Indicated 176.86 28.73 0.092 0.38 0.62 160.51 25.91 0.037 0.36 0.70
Inferred 9.92 21.78 0.059 0.23 0.45 65.84 30.30 0.039 0.32 0.53

$15.00 Indicated 109.74 36.65 0.112 0.48 0.76 89.00 34.72 0.041 0.48 0.91
Inferred 4.29 28.28 0.073 0.29 0.55 37.87 42.25 0.044 0.40 0.65

$20.00 Indicated 70.56 44.36 0.132 0.59 0.90 52.49 44.60 0.045 0.59 1.09
Inferred 1.84 34.45 0.079 0.38 0.70 25.69 51.70 0.047 0.45 0.72

Resource tabulated on Levon mineral claims within a floating cone open pit geometry which went off the Levon mineral claims for waste stripping within the cone geometry. The floating cone geometry was defined using the following metal prices and mill recoveries to produce lead and zinc concentrates.

Metal Price Mill Recovery
Pb Conc Zn Conc.
Silver 25.00 / oz 60% 15%
Lead 1.00 / lb 70%
Zinc 1.00 / lb
Gold 1200 / oz No recovery included to date

The resource is tabulated wholly within a revised open pit geometry that measures 2,600 m on strike, 2,100 m wide and a maximum of 600 m deep. An inverse distance block model to the 6th power using 150m spherical search was developed from the 203 drill holes encompassing 97,769 m of core drilling. The resource remains largely open to expansion through step out delineation and infill drilling on strike and beneath the modeled open pit.

The June 2012 Cordero Mineral Resource presented in this press release was prepared under the direction of Herb Welhener (SME registered member #3434330), Vice President of Independent Mining Consultants, Inc., who is a qualified person under NI 43-101.

The project is under the direct supervision of Vic Chevillon, MA, CPG, Vice President of Exploration for Levon who is a qualified person (AIPG C.P.G #11054) within the context of National Instrument 43-101 and has read and takes responsibility for this News Release.

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