Expanding Use

Into the Future-Silver for Technology and Medicine

The Silver Institute reports: "When we take a broad look at the latest technological advances and the most important ones of the last century, we see the role of silver in nearly every major field of advancement."

New uses for silver are being discovered regularly, especially in technology and medicine. Because silver is one of the best electrical and thermal conductors, the metal has proven ideal for the development of new electronic devices including:

  • Smart phones
  • Plasma-display panel televisions
  • Tablet computers
  • Solar photovoltaic panels.

In fact silver will be found in just about any electronic or technological item. Truly, these things cannot be built without silver.

But let's turn from the inorganic to the organic. Silver has literally no chemical substitute for many of its antibacterial properties. That's why the metal is being employed in new water purification systems and a host of new medical applications including wound dressings, bone prostheses, cardiac devices and on fabrics to reduce the spread of infection.